Critique of Journal article


Choose an article from a professional journal that discusses topics from your course outline in Organizational Theory. It could be in Nursing or another discipline journal (<10 years old). Include the following in your paper: 

1. Introduction: Give the title, author, journal name and a general statement introducing your topic and the reasons this is an important area to study.

2. In-depth Summary of the Article: Summarize the article, the general focus of the paper and the author’s conclusions. If a research paper—describe the research that was used 

3. Discussion: Describe how the theory or ideas can or cannot be applied to Nursing. 

4. Opinion: Is it relevant? Does this article make an important contribution to professional nursing development? Why? Why not? Discuss the ease or “dis-ease” of such an implementation to nursing. 

1.Format: APA Style, scholarly writing, approximately 5 pages (not counting title page and reference page) Times Roman, 1” margins on 4 sides, aligned to the left. Post the paper into the Assignment Section of Canvas where it is automatically entered into Turnitin and a similarity score is generated. If it is < 20% no further action is required. If > 20%, correct the paper to try to get a lower score and resubmit. 


Dimino, K., Learmonth, A. E., & Fajardo, C. C. (2021). Nurse Managers Leading the Way: Reenvisioning Stress to Maintain Healthy Work Environments. Critical Care Nurse, 41(5), 52–58.

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Policy and legislation NP Modernization Act Assignment

Format: APA style; no less than two pages; Your name, course #, title of the assignment at the top; references at the end (doesn’t have to be on a separate page); citations are expected in the body of the text) two pages; size 12 font; double spaced; do not rewrite the questions in your document. Please consult APA writing style if you are citing and referencing a guest speaker. 

Read pages four through seven in The Graduate Handbook (link provided below):Graduate Handbook 2020-2021.pdf ( (Links to an external site.)Respond to the following questions:1. Describe how your participation in policy and legislation differs from that of the baccalaureate (BS) graduate. Pay particular attention to page six – The Molloy College Barbara H. Hagan School of Nursing and Health Sciences – Humanistic Framework – the row starting with master’s Graduate.2. Review the ethical statements (American Nurses Association) on page seven of the Graduate Handbook. Utilize one of the ethical statements that you are passionate about and demonstrate how the selected ethical statement and the Nurse Practice Modernization Act impact population health. (Sources for citation are expected)


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Transforming practice application

Identify two specific QSEN competencies 20%

Discuss related ethics and leadership opportunities for each competency in professional practice.70%

APA references 10%

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Identify an ethical dilemma that you have encountered in your practice.                        5%

Define the dilemma.                                                                                                        20%

Determine alternative courses of action.                                                                         10%

Identify and describe related code of ethics provisions.   (include #)                              20%

Describe an ethical approach that gives a perspective on the situation.

This must be a specific ethical theory-

             ie virtue ethics, utilitarianism, kantianism, care ethics, etc.                        25%

What was the choice taken? What other course of action could have been taken?       10%

APA/Grammar                                                                                                                  10%


At least four professional research references should be included to support your point of view.


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Health Brief

Resources for Writing Briefs | POLARIS | Policy and Strategy | CDC (Links to an external site.)

You must read through the Resources for Writing Briefs web page.

Scenario: You are a nurse practitioner student in your last semester of study. You have been asked to present a brief at the local nurse practitioner organization meeting. The purpose of the brief is to inform your colleagues about the significance of chronic illness impact or issues. (There are many areas to select from, for example: economics, mental health, living conditions, SDOH, legislation, select what interests you the most and make you impact).

Using the resources given for this module, write a two-page brief on any aspect of chronic illness.  The following two web pages may get you off to a good start. You don’t have to use these. you can select any resources from the module.

Policy Resources to Support SDOH | Social Determinants of Health | CDC (Links to an external site.)

Health Impact in 5 Years | Health System Transformation | AD for Policy | CDC (Links to an external site.)

1. At the top of the first page put your name, NUR5100 and section, Chronic Illness Assignment. You do not need a title page or abstract.

2. The brief is no longer than two pages (with references). Follow APA style of writing (including grammar, spelling, citations withing the text). Do not personalize the topic. Refrain from opinions and using the “I” pronoun.

3. References can go directly at the end of the brief, rather than on a separate page.

You will be graded on writing style (APA), clarity, accuracy of information, continuity of thought process, quality of content rather than quantity of content.

4. This step does not need to be included in the written portion of this assignment. It is for your personal and professional growth. When you have completed the assignment. ask a professional colleague (or classmate) to read it. Ask them to tell you what the major focus of your brief was and could they give you feedback. This way you will know if you achieved your goal of sharing the information properly.

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