PICOT question

After reviewing the resources on Evidence Based Practice (EBP) in Weeks 1 & 2, develop a PICOT question that describes your EBP interests.

PICOT helps you search for published evidence on your topic of interest. Using the key words in your PICOT guides your library searches. The purpose of searching is to find sufficient published research evidence to support your proposal of a clinical change. You may or may not locate sufficient published evidence to propose a change and find you need to revise your PICOT and searches. 

Consider your initial ideas for your PICOT and create an outline as below. Then conduct a preliminary library search.



Description & Examples

P: Population

Patient population such as disease, educational, work or community setting with specifics such as population age, gender, ethnicity, work status.

I: Intervention or Issue

Intervention such as therapeutic measures, educational initiatives, program improvements that can be implemented to make a change for the better

C: Comparison intervention or issue of interest

What the intervention will be compared to This can be the current status, the current way of doing things, or the standard of care that the proposed  implemented change will be compared to. 

O: Outcome

The outcome expected from the intervention or therapeutic change such as lowered disease risk, decrease in adverse outcomes, or improved satisfaction, quality of life, etc.

T: Time

The time involved to demonstrate an outcome, such as 3 months or a year to see improvement in a condition or situation resulting from the proposed intervention


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