How to Write a Nursing Essay

Although you might think of a nursing essay as one that requires a different writing approach, that’s not the case. Standard rules of introduction, body, and conclusion still apply to it. Every academic work needs to meet the standard requirements, such as appropriate grammar and punctuation, proper structure, and vivid expression of thoughts. Because the job of nurses involves people’s health, his type of essay requires technical knowledge and the ability to express one’s ideas correctly. Lean How to Write a Nursing Essay.

In this article, you’ll learn the fundamentals of nursing essay, and how to write it.

What is Nursing Essay? 

A nursing essay is the type of essay that students prepare as a college assignment, which could be either for publication in a medical journal or for presentation at a business or health conference.

You may be wondering why a nurse needs to write an essay; the truth is nursing is a practical profession.

How to Write a Nursing Essay

Essay writing is multifunctional. It helps students to bolster their abilities in terms of researching a topic, and also improves their vocabulary and use of words. This, therefore, implies that those in the nursing domain also need to know how to write excellent and useful essays.

Writing your nursing essay

To begin, consider the following rules:

1. Understand the Question

What can you do if you don’t understand the essay topic? Nothing! So, the first step in crafting an acceptable nursing essay is to understand the question asked.

Before you start, identify key terms and themes that can serve as indicators of what you need to do. For example, if you are making a comparison of two things, you should highlight their similarities and differences.

2. Collate Relevant Information

You want to show that you fully understand the subject. To do so, you must source for additional information from books, journals, or the Internet.

3. Prepare a Draft

After your research about the essay topic. Try to come up with a draft of what your complete essay would look like. The selection should contain all your major points. By preparing a temporary draft, you’ll know which part of your text needs amendments or redrafting.

4. Writing the Introduction 

The introduction is that section of your nursing essay that captures the attention of your reader. It is the paragraph where you introduce the topic to the reader. The introduction should end with a thesis statement that shows the reader where you stand based on the subject.

5. The Body

This part is an essential ingredient that can earn you massive points is made well. From the content of this section, a reader can quickly know if your essay is custom-made or “copy and paste.”

The body of your essay should span two or more paragraphs that discuss points that connect back to the main idea of the article. Not forgetting that each section should contain a single topic sentence introduces the subject of discussion of that paragraph.

Also, you must back all arguments with the appropriate evidence and cite all referenced quotes and statements properly to avoid plagiarism.

6. The Conclusion

Your nursing essay conclusion should begin by restating your thesis statement with different words. It should be a summary of all your principal points and contains facts with the thesis statement.

Example of Nursing Essay

The example below is typical of a good nursing essay.

Question: Discuss how caring has changed in the Nursing practice of the 21st century.

In every society, the sustenance of health is a dominant and pressing issue. Easy access to top-quality health care services tends to promote the well-being of every individual, which in turn contributes to the welfare of a larger society and, ultimately, the world.

The relationship between good health and wealth is evident and undeniable. Hence, a well-functioning healthcare system has become a top priority for civilized nations in the 21st century, because as a result of qualitative changes in living conditions, the human race has experienced a significant turnaround in the area of medicine.

Technological advancement is one of the products of the 21st century that has played a significant role in the development of health care systems around the world. With the help of technology, advanced treatment devices and equipment have been made.

This has opened new opportunities and possibilities in medicine. However, the relationship between healthcare providers and patients has experienced significant changes. Nursing is often associated with selflessness and generosity.

This relationship has changed and no longer focuses on “being on duty,” but has now shifted to “being a friend.” Nowadays, patients have the freedom to decide which treatment option they prefer. They are no more inactive victims of illnesses but are now active contributors in the process of their therapy.

Before the 21st century, nurses depended heavily on the decisions made by their superiors, in this case, the Doctors. They were not direct providers of essential health care services to patients, but today, nurses are self-reliant and unrestricted participated in health care practice.

Nowadays, many decisions made in connection to the treatment procedures required for each patient come from nurses’ self-initiative. This has ultimately helped to build their managerial capabilities and improve their decision-making to ensure a better healthcare system.

In conclusion, Nurses have existed in a sphere where the need to adapt is of top priority. Today, the duty of a nurse is not just to serve. It is a self-reliant professional position characterized by generosity, support, and courage.

As you can see, that is a nicely written nursing essay. The first paragraph ended in a thesis statement that tells any reader that healthcare has improved from what it used to be before.


Writing your nursing essay just got more comfortable with the provision of this article. Feel free to follow every guideline provided, and before you know it, you’re already a pro at writing it.




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