an executive of a small company

please begin interviewing an executive of a small company or researching a company to report on its overseas operations.

Over the past decades, companies have become more aware of the potential increase in sales that may occur by extending products and services to foreign markets. For this assignment, you will interview an executive of a small company that has been able to break into the overseas market. Alternatively, you may research a company in the news and investigate its overseas operations, preferably in China. Topics to cover should be the organization’s investments, capital markets, exchange rates for the foreign country, and currency restrictions. Describe how management could use their knowledge to teach other small-business owners to break into this lucrative overseas market. Explain the various types of research the small business will need to complete to make the best decision on financing the company, including descriptions of the various methods for financing international trade. Based on the information you located, would you recommend the owner of this small business take the international leap? Why or why not?

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