case study analysis

In this case study analysis, respond to the following question

1. Assess the target population. What is unique about the LGBT community that could cause a spike in suicide attempts? How does the rise in requests on campus for information on depression, suicide, and even STDs play into this scenario? Can the target population be divided into segments? If so, which one is most at risk and why?

 2. Examine the current marketing strategies. How do you understand the low impact of the university health center when at the same time these requests seem to be very influential factors regarding suicide issues? Why are the current outreach methods failing?

3. Suggest strategies to increase outreach to the LGBT community. Outline these strategies in the form of a marketing plan, and include an explanation to support your suggestion. Why are your strategies better suited to the situation than those you examined above? Consider the various healthcare channels that could be implemented. How could the LGBT student union be better utilized in serving this population through marketing efforts? Keep in mind that marketing is not limited to media but educational offerings as well. Finally, be sure to include a mention of how cost would play a role in your marketing suggestions.

4. Consider the ethical implications of your suggestions. What methods could be employed while still respecting those who obviously are seeking anonymity but who need dramatic help? Is it ethical to pinpoint the marketing only toward this population and, in a manner of speaking, further segment them from other populations?

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