Details on lions Details on tigers Details on bears Details on giraffes Animal – Lion Name: Leo Age: 5 *****Health concerns: Cut on left front paw…

You have assumed the role of managing the technology infrastructure at a zoo. You will develop a working program (either an authentication system or a monitoring system) for the zoo designed to follow the specifications outlined in the overview. You will also provide detailed documentation describing your development process.

As a zookeeper, it is important to know the activities of the animals in your care and to monitor their living habitats. Create a monitoring system that does all of the following:

 Asks a user if they want to monitor an animal, monitor a habitat, or exit

 Displays a list of animal/habitat options (based on the previous selection) as read from either the animals or habitats file

o Asks the user to enter one of the options

 Displays the monitoring information by finding the appropriate section in the file

 Separates sections by the category and selection (such as “Animal – Lion” or “Habitat – Penguin”)

 Uses a dialog box to alert the zookeeper if the monitor detects something out of the normal range (These will be denoted in the files by a new line starting with *****. Do not display the asterisks in the dialog.)

 Allows a user to return to the original options

You are allowed to add extra animals, habitats, or alerts, but you may not remove the existing ones.  ATTACHMENT PREVIEW

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