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Project Communication Plan

Project communication documents

[Use the Project communication table to identify the communication documents needed for your project, the recipients of the documents, the persons responsible for creating and updating the documents, and how often the documents need to be updated.]

Project communication table

Document Recipients Responsibilities Update frequency
Executive status report      
Risk management document      
Issue management document      
Change control document      
Project schedule      

Team structure

[Identify the key roles of members of your marketing team and the normal patterns of communication between roles. You can create a diagram or table to illustrate communication relationships.]

Team goals

[List your team’s quality goals.]

Team assignments

[Use the following table to outline the project’s marketing teams, team goals, team leads, and team roles.]

[Project Name] project team

Name of team Team goals Team leads Team roles

Team roles and responsibilities

[Identify the responsibilities assigned to each of the team roles.]

Risks and issues management

Potential exceptions and problems

[List all potential problems that might arise during the project, and list their causes, symptoms, consequences, and possible solutions.]

Appropriate corrective measures

[For each issue, identify the optimal way to resolve the issue and then identify the steps that your team needs to take in order to implement the resolution.]

Tracking risks and issues

[In the following table, track the risks and issues that you identified.]

Date recorded Risk description Probability Impact Mitigation plan

Change management process

Change management process steps

[Describe the process that your team will follow to document and approve changes to the project. If your team uses a change control document, identify how and when team members should fill it out.]

Change management process flow

[Create a flow diagram of your change process.]

Change control board (CCB)

[Identify who will serve on the CCB, which determines whether issues are within the current project scope and whether they should be addressed.]

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