HIM 500: Reflection Journal Rubric Critical Element Reflective Thinking Proficient 1.00 point Accomplished 0.88 point Benchmark 0.75 point Not

Hello friends, this is for healthcare informatics class. It has to be double space and 1-2 pages long with at least one reference. Attached is the rubric.

Here is the prompt:

9-3 Reflection Journal: Engaging Patients

How does HIT effect patient care outcomes?

  • Discuss your thoughts on how healthcare organizations and clinicians can go about engaging patients in the healthcare process. How does HIT play a role in this process?
  • If you were a patient at a healthcare organization, how would the healthcare employees interact with you? Where would your group’s HIT product fit into the process?

Refer to the Reflection Grading Rubric for grading criteria.

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