IT 145 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric Overview

IT 145 Milestone One: Pseudocode

Kevin Smith

Southern New Hampshire University

Prof. Mahendra Gossai

I have chosen to proceed with Option 2 which is creating a monitoring system for the animals with in the exhibit at the local zoo.   Below is a list of guidelines for building the program.

 Monitoring System

  • As a zookeeper, it is important to know the activities of the animals in your care and to monitor their living habitats. Create a monitoring system that does all of
  • the following:
  • Asks a user if they want to monitor an animal, monitor a habitat, or exit
  • Displays a list of animal/habitat options (based on the previous selection) as read from either the animals or habitats file
  • Asks the user to enter one of the options
  • Displays the monitoring information by finding the appropriate section in the file
  • Separates sections by the category and selection (such as “Animal – Lion” or “Habitat – Penguin”)
  • Uses a dialog box to alert the zookeeper if the monitor detects something out of the normal range (These will be denoted in the files by a new line
  • Allows a user to return to the original options
  • You are allowed to add extra animals, habitats, or alerts, but you may not remove the existing ones.

CREATE and INITIATE variables

                animalOrHabitat = ‘’

                animalName = ‘’

                habitatName = ‘’

                outOfNormalRange = False

DISPLAY to user options to choose from:animals, habitats or exit

IF Animal is selected

                DISPLAY the list of animals

                DISPLAY the monitoring information for the animal selected

                                IF outOfNormalRange detected, show information in detached box

                                ELSE Display animalsInformation

                             ENDIF choice is not made

                RETURN to beginning of program

 IF habitat is selected

                DISPLAY the list of habitats

                DISPLAY monitoring information in habitat selected

                                IF outOfNormalRange detected, show information in detached box

                                ELSE Display habitatsInformation

                                ENDIF choice is not made

IF exit is selected

                SHUT down program

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