Multimedia Presentation Planning

  • Hello Professor, I have an assignment with instructions “Download the Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet to help you start Project 3 off on the right foot. Since this course has entailed quite a bit of writing thus far, this assignment provides you with an opportunity to get creative. You have the choice of three tools—Prezi, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word—to present your opinions and observations on the creation and value of historical inquiry as it relates to the work you have done on your first two projects.”
  • I have attached a copy of the worksheet to be completed, my topic was ” Military strategy on the first atomic bomb by the United States in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan and its after effects” you may be familiar with it as you have submitted answers to some of my questions. Please review and provide solution, link attachment including answers related to the topic on the worksheet, thank you.
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