New York Presbyterian Hospital

New York Presbyterian Hospital

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New York Presbyterian Hospital

New York-Presbyterian is a hospital that offers comprehensive and integrated health care services. It is dedicated to providing high quality and compassionate care to patients in New York and the country at large. The purpose of the Hospital is to provide high-quality patient-centered care through promotion of a caring culture, health safety, patient and family education via evidence-based practice, and professional staff development. The vision of the hospital is to be one of the leading healthcare organizations offering qualify, safe, and excellent healthcare services.

The hospital has collaborated with two medical schools, Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University, which has enabled it to consistently grow and be recognized as a one of the leaders in patient-centered clinical care, medical education and research.  The hospital has four major divisions which include New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York-Presbyterian Regional Hospital Network, New York-Presbyterian Physician Services, and New York-Presbyterian Community and Population Health (Newyork-Presbyterian, 2016).

New York-Presbyterian Hospital is a medical center located in New York City that is dedicated to offering excellent patient care, community service, and education. It is one of the largest hospitals in the US providing ambulatory, preventive, and inpatient care in different areas of medicine. The hospital has about 2,600 beds catering to admitted patients. Currently, the hospital has over 6400 affiliated physicians and 22,622 employees. The hospital sees over 2 million annual visits including infant deliveries and emergency visits. The hospital generates an annual total revenue of about $4.8 billion and donates about $100 million to charity care every year (NewYork-Presbyterian, 2016).

New York-Presbyterian Hospital is ranked as the leading healthcare organization in New York metropolitan area by the U.S News report. The hospital consists of several campuses which include Allen Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center, Columbia University Medical Center, Westchester Division, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, and Lower Manhattan Hospital.

New York-Presbyterian Regional Hospital Network consists of several regional hospitals operating within the New York Metropolitan area which include Queens Hospital, Lawrence Hospital, Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, and Hudson Valley Hospital. New York-Presbyterian Physician Services is a program that connects patients to medical professionals based on their proximity to improve coordination of health care delivery across New York. The program includes New York-Presbyterian Medical Groups and Weill Cornell Medicine Physicians which coordinate to improve access to healthcare.

New York-Presbyterian Community and Population Health focuses on ambulatory services and community health care programs. It involves collaboration between New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell hospital.

Based on the hospital’s current performance and mode of operation, it has a bright future if it maintains the current trend. Adoption of technology and recruitment of medical technology will enable the hospital to continue delivering high-quality care.

I will invite medical professionals such as nursing managers, nurses, and clinical officers while presenting my project pitch.


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