Option 1: Authentication SystemFor security-minded professionals, it is important that only the appropriate people gain access to data in a computer system.

griffin.keyes 108de81c31bf9c622f76876b74e9285f  “alphabet soup”     zookeeper

rosario.dawson 3e34baa4ee2ff767af8c120a496742b5  “animal doctor”    admin

bernie.gorilla a584efafa8f9ea7fe5cf18442f32b07b  “secret password”     veterinarian

donald.monkey 17b1b7d8a706696ed220bc414f729ad3  “M0nk3y business”     zookeeper

jerome.grizzlybear 3adea92111e6307f8f2aae4721e77900  “grizzly1234”     veterinarian

bruce.grizzlybear  0d107d09f5bbe40cade3de5c71e9e9b7  “letmein” admin

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