Propose Organization for Analysis:

Propose Organization for Analysis:

University of Colorado Hospital

Lesly Ovilmar

Southern New Hampshire University

April 23, 2017

The facility (University of Colorado Hospital) is not a profit driven organization. The hospital focuses on improving the lives of its patients as a key priority. To achieve this, they work towards moving from just a health care provider to health provider. Integrity, excellence and priority to patient for the core values of this organization but not profit making. They also focus on doing this in a unique way compared to other facilities in order to outstand. They work towards promoting the health of the community as well as individuals without leaving unanswered question along. It is their individual facility that motivate or propels them to optimize as well as improve health care. In addition, the service providers in the university of Colorado hospital understand the state of the world healthcare, how it is changing and it is this kind of change, which propels them to work very much a head of the curve. Their providers are always available to address their patients’ needs. The cares they give to their patients are superior and delivered with great commitment indicating the honor they hold to both the individual patients and community at large. Their staff works together to push boundaries in the world of medicine through research as well as innovation in order to attain the facility’s greatest objective.

University of Colorado health facility capitalizes on the best academic as well as community hospitals in the region to meet the best commitment to community. They also access clinics throughout the Front Range in order to ensure the improvement of lives of the patients in Colorado and beyond.

University of Colorado Hospital combines the strengths of the region’s best academic and community hospitals, along with access to clinics throughout the Front Range, to improve the lives of patients and their families in Colorado and beyond. They also allocate or invest some money in various programs, research, facilities, subsidies to the community they serve all to enable them attain their main goals and objectives. In their effort to moving form health care to health providers, they capitalize on three initiatives. First, they make care accessible to the community that they serve. This is achieved by subsidizing the cost of care as well to the community as well as increasing the number of access points of care. Second, they build community connections by supporting nonprofit programs, educating the community as well as creating job opportunities to the community (Lindquist et al. 2012). Finally, the facility move care forward. This is done through excellent medical research, offering training to the next generation as well as improving the care quality.

The facility is nonprofit based. Many things prove that their work leans most on its key objective or vision rather than on profit making. First is their non-discrimination value. The university of Colorado hospital and the contractors it own does not exclude or deny any benefit or even discriminate against anybody. Discrimination always occurs on the grounds of color, race, age, sex and sexual orientation, language, national origin mental and physical disability, gender expression as well as identity, socioeconomic status amongst other. Neither of this aspect is practiced by the facility. To prove this, the facility provides free aid as well as free service to patients who have disabilities to effective communication. To achieve this, the hospital has qualified interpreters of sign language to enable those who cannot speak their problems. The facility also offers written information in various formats or alternative formats such as audios, large print, electronic and other formats. In addition, the hospital has free language interpretation to patient who primary language is not English. This is achieved through qualified interpreters and written information available in other languages.

The other way in which the hospital has proven not to rely on profit making is through innovation to improve the value of service they offer. The facility has gone through numerous upheavals in the past one fifty years and this has changed the way they view as well as treat diseases. For example, the germ theory gave room for expansion of the health care and on the other hand discovery of antibiotic penicillin promote the utilization of medicine in the treatment of diseases. The university of Colorado hospital is working in close ally with academic research as well as clinical care system to meet the seismic shift of innovation for vision 2020. This partnership is geared towards designing as well as producing next generation of medicine as well as treatment therapies. In addition, the health facility has a care innovation center and the Colorado university school of medicine with extensive clinical capacity and deep expertise of service provider as well as qualified researcher. This center enables the hospital to develop test and at the same time put transformative solutions to health care (Hunger et al. 2005). The center is welcome innovators to join the in the quest to obtain good health care resolution for both the hospital and world at large.

(To be continued in part 2).

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